564CF896-A492-38A7-82450B5B1B3AF7E9Plating on Plastics
Some of the earliest patents for plating on plastics were owned by Epner Technology. They were for gold plating plastic military buttons and insignia, thus saving millions of pounds of brass desperately needed for World War II shell casings.
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7CF08D99-DCB7-1E5B-70E3761C1E3D329DLight Pipes
Epner Technology manufactures custom designed Infrared Light Pipes, Hollow Waveguides and Homogenizers. These are tubes lined with a highly polished infrared reflective coating of Laser Gold, which can be applied thick enough to permit these tubes to be used in highly corrosive atmospheres.
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33CC7B97-44B0-422C-A3ABD76A76B46C5F Cold Shields
Cold shields, or in their un-cooled application, radiation shields, are a key component in IR Focal Plane Arrays and IR cameras.

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F3FC3100-C693-341A-B0EB15CD7C9CEB86Thermal Control
Low-Emittance (Low-E) is a term used for a surface that radiates, or emits, low levels of radiant energy. Emittance refers to the ability of a materials surface to emit radiant energy.All materials absorb, reflect and emit radiant energy.
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8D42CA86-FF0D-5733-DCAA21C6B474D4CEExotic/Difficult Substrates
Epner is known for blister-free plating on some of the more unusual or difficult metals, permitting them for example, to withstand high brazing or soldering temperatures.
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ferrousBase Metal Substrates
Listed in this section are the common base metal substrates Epner Technology plates on.
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Selective plating is one of Epner’s specialties. Skilled artists, in many cases, hand paint with a proprietary masking material in areas to be kept free of plating.
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1B26F898-ED22-99D1-F4913A0EBAE6D974Brush Plating
A form of tank-less plating, ETI’s brush plating capabilities will meet your outsourcing requirements with efficiency.
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F48AA249-E44F-8C2A-6BF2551D7970F7ABCorrosion Resistance
Custom tailored corrosion resistant coatings can be applied to your substrate once the corrosive atmosphere has been defined.
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33C9DA2C-44B0-422C-AC489D1791D31589IR Reflectors
This section illustrates infrared reflecting function as contrasted to the imaging optics above.
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F4A2C1F6-D8AB-8ED8-2D2F7285E5CB5EB3Microwave Filters/Resonators
A pioneer in High-Q plating since the beginnings of Radar in 1938, Epner Technology’s experience offers peerless microwave performance.
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