Dear Valuable Customers,

I want to share with my readers a recently received letter. With our customer, Raytheon, we again achieved our constant goal of being The quality supplier that “came through”.

Besides sharing this letter with you, we are putting a copy in with every employee’s paycheck this week. I want each of them to take it home and proudly show it to their family, letting them know what important work our company does and how their hard work and skill is what helps makes our company great.

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David Epner, President
Epner Technology Inc.

Letter of Appreciation_Epner

“Without the dedication of the entire Epner Technology team, including supporting multiple teleconferences, meetings, and working overtime, RPM would not have been able to meet this critical milestone. We are grateful for your relentless efforts and look forward to continuing our partnership into the future.”

-Dan Clemens, General Manager, Raytheon Precision Manufacturing



“We have overcome many technical challenges on MIXS, but the hardest by far was the coating of gold onto titanium – vital for the thermal performance of the X-ray optics in their eventual orbit around Mercury. Several UK-based contractors tried and failed; sober advisors said the coating might not even be possible – but Epner Technology has delivered the complex gold-on-titanium structures that we needed.”

-George Fraser, University of Leicester, PI for the MIXS experiment on BepiColombo

“Not only was the Laser Gold plating and masking on this critical component flawless, but it was delivered on time against an ‘impossible’ schedule.”

-Roger L. Counts, Keith A. Corsi, NASA-Goddard

“The high percentage of on-time deliveries we have received from you is a positive reflection of Epner’s commitment to ITT…”

-Mark C. Carpenter, ITT Defense


“The plating job was head and shoulders above what has been done for aircraft instruments here in the past…the performance of the vessels gave us nearly double the sensitivity, due in part to the extremely high reflectivity of your finish…”

-Dr. Thomas B. Reyerson, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Admin.


“It is our pleasure to inform Epner Technology that you have been selected as one of our top Quality Suppliers for the year. We are also pleased to announce that this is the second time LI-COR, Inc., has been able to recognize Epner Technology as one of its top quality suppliers.”

-Mary Jones, Ron Robinson, Greg Biggs, LI-COR, Inc.

“The quality of workmanship coupled with the short turn around time speaks volumes of the professionalism of the people who work for you…I cannot emphasize enough our heartfelt appreciation for the excellent service you have provided us…”

-Charles P. Medwetz, Dept. of the Army, Aircraft Survivability Equip. Div.


“Your Contribution has been invaluable and we could not have accomplished our goal without you.”

-Stephen Hixson, Northrup-Grumman



“The gold plated parts look very nice indeed, and I would like to commend you and your team at Epner Technology for producing such pristine, superb looking finishes.”

-Pradeep Bhandari, JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)

“The quality of the Laser Gold coating was incomparable, but indeed that is what we have come to expect from Epner Technology over the years.”

-Frank Groark, TRW Space & Technology Division


“…as part of MESSENGER’s current preparations for our ‘Mercury Orbit Insertion’ next month, the MLA Instrument was brought out of hibernation for a series of turn-on test last week and the laser still worked perfectly, which would not be possible if the plating inside the laser cavity had degraded.”

-Arlin E. Bartels, NASA


“While some might consider it just ‘doing their job,’ we know it took great flexibility, dedication, and desire as Epner employees to meet, even exceed, customer requests…”

-Nancy Khan, ITT Industries

“The Laser-Gold plated tool now looks great and has received good reviews from our tool fabrication people. Again, thanks for a job well done!”

-Terry Onder, Boeing-St. Louis

TY_lockheed_sm“Your Epner gold coating, the polishing of the tapered optical light pipe and the Lambertian surface preparation for our prototype optical integrating cavity, has produced a test fixture that has exceeded our performance requirements.”

Steve Somerstein, Lockheed Martin


We’d like to thank you for your efforts on our baffle polishing and gold coating. The parts, and especially the processing steps were a challenge for fabrication. Your flexibility and perseverance were keys to working towards successful parts and maintaining our assembly schedule.”

Farshid Azad, Joaquin Mason, Ronald Bento, L3 Communications

“The performance of the Epner sample was outstanding, providing a Q of approximately 3700 as opposed to the best previous value of 3200 (typical production values are around 2800).”

-Catherine Nagel DeFreese, Motorola, Inc.

“We are particularly pleased with the reflectance levels you were able to obtain on as rough a surface as we provided.”

-Richard Hardy, Boeing Military Airplane Company