Design Considerations – Electroless Nickel

Similar to stainless steel in color, electroless nickel plates uniformly in recesses and cavities (does not build up on edges). Corrosion resistance is good for coatings over .001″ thickness. Electroless nickel is used extensively in salvage of mis-machined parts. Also, for inside dimensions and irregular shapes (where assembly tolerances need uniformity provided by “electroless” process).

Nickel Phosphorous Alloy has outstanding corrosion resistant properties, as stated above, and this is achieved on irregularly shaped products because the process is not dependent upon current density, and thus, deposits with a high degree of uniformity on irregularly shaped products.

Epner routinely plates this alloy to thicknesses that can exceed .008” (>200 microns) on substrates of aluminum and beryllium.

Many of these substrates are subsequently coated with Laser Gold after polishing.