Why Epner?

 . . . What sets us apart?

1.  Attitude.
Some companies that posses a unique process or dominate a market, will sometimes use their position as a license for arrogance. At Epner Technology, we believe that a cooperative attitude, one that permits a trusting relationship between customer and supplier to grow and flourish, is the most satisfying way to do business. Try us. You’ll like our attitude.

2.  Communication.
We spend the time to make sure we understand your requirements and develop a clear picture of your plating needs. This working relationship between your people and ours continues through every phase of the project, from process development through production.

3.  Quality. 
It is the process that makes good parts – not our inspectors. Our plating engineers draw on years of “in-the-trenches” experience to design the right process for your parts and your specs. Computerized documentation gives us traceability. The finished parts are inspected (possibly on instruments as diverse as a Perkin-Elmer Lambda 750 Spectrophotometer or a helium-neon laser), not so much to determine that the parts are good, but rather to make sure the process is in control. Isn’t this what Statistical Process Control is really about?

4.  Reliability. 
We actually do what the drawing calls out. That means our plating meets the specs. For example, on the TOW Missile Program, we have delivered over 700,000 infrared guidance reflectors with six sigma quality.

5.  Commitment. 
We’re responsive – you’ll see it when you work with us. We have a passion for the plating business, and a real concern for your needs. We’re a relatively small company…by choice. The owners are involved in day-to-day management. That gives us the control and provides the personal attention to detail that your project deserves.

6.  Respect. 
We respect your investment in the parts that you entrust to us. Our rigid quality control standards for process development and production help make sure your job is done right. While our goal is to produce only perfect parts, we don’t always achieve it, so if our inspectors find a part that requires rework, we do that with the same respect and skill.

7.  Experience.
We’ve been at this plating business for nearly a century…and we’ve almost got it right. Seriously, in the past decade alone, we’ve handled more than 25,000 jobs for over 500 customers. Our top managers are all graduate engineers with a combined 150 man-years of specialized plating know-how. Answering the question, “Can this be done?” for as many years as we have, has left us with a real respect for man’s ingenuity.

8.  Trust. 
Our business philosophy, our technical approach and our performance have earned our customers’ trust. That’s a great way to do business.

9.  Reputation. 
Perhaps our customers say it best. Their comments speak for themselves.