The Men Who Built The Company

Emmanuel Cohan (1888 – 1957)
E4F93786-CDDE-E8C9-DCB0101D22C291E5One of the original founding partners of Cohan-Epner, Emmanuel Cohan was an American-born son of Hungarian immigrants.  In 1910, he and his brother-in-law, Louis Epner, formed a jewlry repair company.  The plating was incidental to the repair function, but eventually became the focus of the business.  Emmanuel was the “inside man” of the company.  Like Louis, Emmanuel had limited education, but ran his business with an iron fist.  He died in 1957.
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Louis Epner (1892 – 1961)
33D64D82-44B0-422C-A3124FEF249463CDOne of the founding partners of Cohan-Epner Company, this photograph was taken one week before his death. Louis Epner was the “outside man” of the company for most of his working life. Born in New York of immigrant parents, his education was limited, but he overcame that handicap by being a voracious reader. In 1910, he and his brother-in-law, Emanuel Cohan, formed a jewelry repair company.
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Gerald Epner (1915 – 2004)
33D73804-44B0-422C-A48D2C361F6A82B5A plating engineer and entrepreneur for virtually all of his adult life, Gerald Epner was a graduate chemical engineer, Brooklyn Poly Tech, Class of 1935. He went to work for his father’s electroplating company where he established one of the earliest and most complete job shop process control laboratories. This contribution helped the company grow to be the largest and most successful jewelry and novelty plater in New York.The World War II years were spent as a civilian quality specialist consulting for the Air Materiel Command based in Cleveland with responsibility over defense contractors supplying a wide range of military aircraft throughout the Mid West.
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Stephen A. Candiloro Sr. (1931 – 2009)
29B72F90-CC18-3EA7-AC0790EC3F71C4A2It is with sadness we are informing our customer community of the sudden death of Stephen A. Candiloro Sr., Vice President of Research & Development.

Stephen Candiloro, Sr., one of the plating industry’s technical giants, died suddenly February 6 of a heart attack. He was 77.

During the latter half of his 50 year career in plating, Steve Candiloro, Sr. was the technical heart of the team that propelled Epner Technology Inc. into its second century as one of the world’s leading high-tech electroplating job shops.
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Donald Epner  (1926-2014)

Donald Epner, a first cousin to Gerald and David, joined the Company as General Manager in 1982., He worked for North Ameican Aviation after an Honorable discharge from the Navy. Prior to his coming To Cohan-Epner, as the company was then called, he had a long career with Control Data.

He brought to our small Mom and Pop company  professional Management techniques and a firm, quiet, discipline for our employees but his primary contribution took us into the computer age and world of aerospace quality. His drive for improvement of  our Waste WaterTreatment system made us the cleanest plating company on the Planet.

Donald retired after a brief career with Epner but his impact can still be felt today.