Electroless Gold & Immersion Gold

Electroless Gold & Immersion GoldEpner has taken its 50 years of electroless nickel plating experience and applied it to develop a proprietary Electroless and Immersion gold plating process involving extreme electron manipulation.

Electroless Gold & Immersion GoldEach job requires a custom chemistry set up depending on the requirements of the plating. Sometimes just a small beaker is enough, other times large tanks are needed to fit the part. Electroless chemistry is primarily used when the geometry of the part makes anode placement impractical, too costly, or too long to fabricate and reposition. It is also frequently used when an extremely uniform deposit is required.

Give us a call to discuss your needs. Through our Immersion Gold Process, Epner is able to deposit a pure 24K layer of gold on a variety of different substrates with varying geometries. Immersion gold is most appropriate when only a thin layer of gold is desired. We do spec IPC 4552A.

Heavy Gold Plating