Laser, Optics and Photonics

4C62D46F-9565-C7FF-26180211C24359A9Laser Gold’s proudest customer relationship is Dr. Charles Townes, the Nobel Laureat for the laser. In 1972, Epner Technology, using its Laser Gold, dramatically increased the output of the ND-Yag Laser for the Holobeam, one of the earliest production manufacturers. Since then, Epner has supplied and/or plated thousands of pump cavity reflector housings for these lasers.

With the advent of diode pumped technology, Epner’s main Yag business is refurbishment (including the electroformed Quantronix cavity) of existing cavities while moving on to tubular chambers pumped by diode lasers through a side wall slot. Laser Gold was named because of its near universal acceptance as the most efficient and durable YAG Laser Pump Cavity coating. ETI provides solderable gold plating for diode pumped heat sinks.

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