Platinum Plating

Gold isn’t the only Precious Metal that we plate with at Epner. While traditional plating methods only allow for Platinum deposition on roughened substrates, we have the ability to deposit a polished and bright Platinum on most materials. Platinum is sought after because of its high (heat resistance as it has a high melting point) melting point, durability, and hydrogen absorption. For this reason, it is often specified by the Aerospace and Medical industries.

The benefits of platinum also include conductivity, increased hardness, wear resistance and enhancing the aesthetic appeal, but unlike silver, which can tarnish, platinum cannot which makes it an effective coating for silver products that need added protection. Additionally, it is extremely corrosion resistant in most atmospheric conditions. Others use the metal’s properties for pollution control. Platinum also has autocatalytic properties that are now being explored by industries other than the auto industry.

We are helping to push this known surface phenomenon to new markets, specifically interested in converting Carbon Monoxide into CO2. At Epner, we can plate parts as large as 25”x25”x14” with our current setup and are always able to go bigger. We deposit platinum that is 99.99% pure. We are able to deposit it as thick as 100 micro-inches thick. We can deposit platinum and certify to ASTM B679 and several other specs. Please ask for more info.

For Decorative applications, we are able to deposit a robust Platinum layer that Shines and is not Dull.

Platinum Plated Tin Opener

Platinum Plated Tin Opener

Calvisius Platinum Plated Tin Opener