Low Emissivity

Low Emissivity refers to a surface phenomenon where low levels of thermal energy are radiated from an objects surface. Epner’s Laser Gold plating has an especially low emissivity due to its high reflectivity. Its reflectivity is achieved by creating a smooth surface before plating while also depositing gold atoms into a unique crystal structure that is not found in nature.

This High Reflectivity / Low Emissivity coating is especially of interest to thermal engineers who study the effects and properties of specific wavelengths of light. Fractions of a percentage can affect the way a space instrument can dissipate heat as it orbits in our atmosphere. Nasa has told us that our Laser Gold has an emissivity of .03 and keeps many of their cameras and other equipment cool when exposed to radiant energy from the Sun and other radiation-emitting objects in our universe.

Our in-house engineering team can discuss what coating is right for you depending on your low emissivity needs.


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