Brush Plating

1B26F898-ED22-99D1-F4913A0EBAE6D974A form of tank-less plating, ETI’s brush plating capabilities will meet your outsourcing requirements with efficiency.

Encased in marble, this copper bath tub (right) was in the magnificent apartment of a New York matron. The gold plating was badly worn and we were contacted by her architect to refurbish the gold if possible. Removing the tub was out of the question. It was decided to “brush plate” the gold on site. The drain was carefully sealed and a portable power supply brought in. A carbon wand was covered by a cotton “sock” and a highly concentrated solution of gold cyanide was pumped through the wand. The wand was hooked up to the anode terminal of the power supply, the tub to the cathode terminal, and the gold solution flowed through the sock while a circular rubbing motion deposited gold at the wand-tub interface. It was like painting with gold. A portable beta ray back scatter thickness tester verified the thickness spec of 5 microns had been met. While the tub was not plated with Laser Gold, the owner claims the water stays hot much longer.