Epner’s Net Zero-Footprint Goal

Epner's Net Zero-Footprint Goal

After several of our customers inquired about Epner’s environmental impact, we decided to detail our long-existing approach and our new infrastructure improvements, which will move us closer to a Net Zero-Footprint Goal in both energy (greenhouse gases) as well as hazardous plating waste. In pursuit of that goal, we track and manage our process systems using data from this analysis and statistical process control to improve our system continually. Epner Technology Inc keeps pushing the boundaries of sustainable operations in waste treatment and efficient power Co-Generation.  


Early this year, Epner Technology began designing, installing, and integrating a new Natural Gas CoGenerator by Rolls Royce Power Systems. This replaces our, at the time, innovative 35-year-old Natural Gas generator, which only ran at about 26% electrical efficiency. Our new 360kw Co-Generation system will approach 90% overall fuel conversion efficiency. We have engineered the generator to capture the engine heat, which is then is used to heat our 220+ tanks in addition to generating the power needed to plate parts in them with consistent, reliable electric quality unaffected by utility brownouts and frequency changes. This improvement alone will cut our use of high carbon-footprint fuels dramatically. The Co-Generation system will offset over 8000 million BTUs of fuel by capturing the heat from the engine jacket water and the exhaust of the engine generator, replacing heat formally generated by our boilers, eliminating over 1250 Tons of CO2 annually. This new engine technology will produce the cleanest exhaust possible with NOx emissions of less than 0.1 gram per brake-horsepower-hour, which is much cleaner than any boiler technology available today.  


This system also powers a clever array of evaporation equipment which is fed by our waste treatment system. Our new system allows us to treat and evaporate 1400 gallons a day, leaving behind only solids. Our array of filter-presses removes the solids and sends the recovered rinse waters to various post-treatment purification systems for use again in the plating processes creating R/0 and DI water. Our Solid waste is metal-rich so it is easily recycled and is used in feedstock for the making of Stainless Steel or lower grade Pot metals.  


Epner has advanced the technology used for other waste treatment applications, we do not discharge any plating wastewater at all. We look forward to improving our process and ending any impact on the Environment.