I’m headed for the Red Carpet

As many of you already know, our company here in Brooklyn, for the second year has supplied the

Laser Gold plating for the Oscar Statuettes.

This got me an invitation to the big doings in Los Angeles this coming Sunday.

My “date” for the walk down the Red Carpet will my cousin Milena Pastreich who is a documentary film maker in LA. and there is an outside chance that I will be interviewed by Sandy Kenyon of ABC-TV.

(If that happens, I will use my best Brooklyn accent to describe the project)

In any case, I will write up this unique experience upon my return.



8 thoughts on “I’m headed for the Red Carpet

  1. Bob Diamond

    That’s an awesome honor to get invited to the Academy Awards!! Hope to see you get interviewed and respond in your unique style. Just remember you’re on live TV, so keep a lid on the “F” bombs!!


  2. Gene Cross

    David, your Epner Laser Gold is the “Gold Standard” of robust LWIR mirror coatings, so it is no surprise that your Oscar Gold is the “Gold Standard” is for statuettes-! I hope you get far more than 15 minutes of fame-!

  3. Jack Kleinfeld

    So, with Epner’s Laser Gold on the Oscar Statuette, they may be the hottest thing going, but they didn’t get that way with infrared heating! </IRgeek

    Knock 'em dead, David!

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