My Oscar Blog Apology

Before that last blog went out, I had informed my loyal readers that,“They should Look for Me on the Red Carpet.” They did and as a result, I had countless complaints that, “We watched the whole damn thing and no David.”

I can explain: Sandy Kenyon, the ABC-TV “Entertainment star” did indeed interview me in my office and did shoot some video in the shop about two weeks before the big night.

Soon after that he sent me an email, “I’ll see you on the Red Carpet.”  With my ego, I naturally assumed that I would be interviewed again. I even rehearsed what I would say, “Yeah, we wuz da guys what put da gold on da little guy right here in Brooklyn.”

I even had my date bedecked in jewelry from our customer, Gilded Lace and was ready to explain that “We developed the process to Laser Gold plate actual lace with the same gold as on the Oscars”

Obviously, none of this happened and I again apologize to those of you who peed away the evening.