Boeing 747 Airborne Laser (ABL)

A high-powered laser flying on a modified Boeing 747 aircraft was “frying” cables that were in too close proximity to the beam. An emergency request was made by a Lockheed engineer for hundreds of feet of Laser Gold foil, with which to wrap the cables and protect them from the laser’s energy. As one Lockheed project manager explained, “the foil was needed because the cable insulation could otherwise melt from the laser energy — the beam itself (which is the equivalent in intensity to thousands of suns) passes within inches and scatters some energy onto the foil-wrapped cables.” After installation the system was closed up again and the first ground tests were performed. This was the first time the high-energy laser was passed throughout the entire system. As a result, the gold plated foil was successful.

Airborne Laser Promo Video – Youtube