Process Control

27E64338-E698-7176-BEB8DDBD19E14E86Epner Technology’s quality philosophy is driven by a deep commitment to process control. It’s one thing to develop a process that will produce good parts…quite another to produce those parts day in and day out. Tight process control makes it happen!

But the controlling of a plating process, which is after all, a dynamic system, is particularly daunting. The prep tanks, the plating tanks, the ubiquitous rinse tanks; each have an array of variables that must be held within defined upper and lower control limits, as defined by our Statistical Process Control program.

Primary Process Control Tools

340D0B08-44B0-422C-A30BA330E4E966FDAtomic Absorption Spectrophotometer

A key to maintaining each plating and prep line constituents upper and lower control limits is the Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer. Able to measure a bath impurity down to one part-per-billion, the AAS is at the heart of Epner’s process control discipline.

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