Chemical Processing – Scope of Accreditation

Nadcap program as a part of PRI (Performance Review Institute) was created in 1990 by the Society of Automotive Engineers and is headquartered in Warrendale, Pennsylvania. Nadcap’s memberships of “prime contractors” convene to coordinate industry-wide standards for special processes and products. Through the Performance Review Institute, Nadcap provides independent certification of manufacturing processes for the industry.

Alloy Plating – AMS-P-81728

Alloy Plating-MIL-P-81728

Cadmium Plating – AMS-QQ-P-416

Cadmium Plating-Other

Cadmium Plating-QQ-P-416

Chemical Cleaning-Acid Cleaning

Chemical Cleaning-Alkaline Cleaning

Chemical Cleaning-Solvent Cleaning

Chemical Cleaning-Titanium Cleaning-Acid

Chemical Cleaning-Titanium Cleaning-Alkaline

Conversion/Phosphate Coatings – MIL-DTL-5541

Conversion/Phosphate Coatings-MIL-C-5541

Copper Plating-AMS 2418

Copper Plating-MIL-C-14550

Copper Plating-Other

Electroless Plating Nickel – AMS-C-26074

Electroless Plating Nickel – ASTM B733

Electroless Plating Nickel-AMS 2404

Electroless Plating Nickel-MIL-C-26074

Gold Plating-AMS 2422

Gold Plating-AMS 2425

Gold Plating-MIL-G-45204

Nickel Plating – AMS-QQ-N-290

Nickel Plating-MIL-P-27418

Nickel Plating-QQ-N-290

Rhodium Plating-MIL-R-46085

Silver Plating-QQ-S-365


Surface Treatment/Passivation – AMS-QQ-P-35

Surface Treatment/Passivation-QQ-P-35

Tin Plating-ASTM B 545

Tin Plating-MIL-T-10727

In 2002, the Epner Technology received its ISO 9002 Certification, and holds quality certifications from all the major aerospace contractors. Epner supplies PPAP documentation to two major automotive manufacturers, and, of course,Mil-I-45208.

Epner Technology, Inc. would like to announce that we have received our current Nadcap Accreditation Certifications for Chemical Processing and Aerospace Quality System for 2010-2011, and for 2009 we achieved Supplier Merit status, an achievement we are very proud of.