Monika Knutsson

887D2852-C776-9068-F445E56699213DAEMonika Knutsson, originally from Sweden, is a fashion designer by training. She lived in Paris for 9 years and worked for several famous French designers. Having spent many hours at the Parisian flea markets collecting old embroidery and lace, Monika conceived the idea for Gilded Lace.

After 9 years in Paris, Monika moved to New York City with a large supply of antique French lace. Gilded Lace, a 40-piece collection of jewelry, which includes cuff bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and brooch/pendants, was developed during the past year. Each unique piece is made by hand in New York City.

To make the jewelry, Monika hand-stitches the lace together to form the shape. The pieces are then sealed and dipped in sterling silver or 24k gold (plated by Epner Technology). Each piece is signed, numbered and comes with a brief description of its history and a sample of the original lace. The lace is from the early to mid – 1900’s and comes mostly from petticoats, corset covers, and the bottoms of bloomers.

The jewelry pieces are named after early Broadway girls, such as Clara (Bow) and Tallulah (Bankhead), who sported lace undergarments.

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