Laser Gold Thermal Barrier Foil

C639DA43-A196-C7A5-730FED9F02AA7139A copper foil > .001″ thick (0,025 mm) is coated with Laser Gold for the ultimate thermal control barrier.

The auto race car market has driven the need to protect carbon fiber components from the blistering heat generated by the engine and exhaust system.

While many of the carbon fiber parts are Laser Gold coated by directly plating the plastic substrate, the requirement to have a ductile, flexible “wrapping” material drove the development of the Laser Gold coated copper “Thermal Foil”.

The foil is applied on site using a 3M spray adhesive.

Although happy with the remarkable performance of the copper foil, the Formula 1 teams are continuously seeking lighter and lighter materials. To satisfy this need, Epner Technology is developing a Laser Gold coated high temperature Kapton foil, less than half the weight of the copper.

Thermal Foil Effectiveness Evaluation
DiMora Motorcar

Kleinfeld Technical Services, Inc. Thermal Foil Effectiveness Evaluation