Aluminum “Spider” – THAAD

20F34A1B-EEC6-BCD0-8EFCA00989B3F1AEETI was called on by Lockheed Martin to plate this hardware management component (right) for the United States Army’s Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense Missile (THAAD) system. Formally known as the “Theatre” High-Altitude Area Defense Missile system, THAAD provides “rapidly deployable ground-based missile defense components that deepen, extend and complement the Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS) to any Combatant Commander to defeat ballistic missile of all types and ranges while in all phases of flight. THAAD’s combination of high-altitude, long-range capability and hit-to-kill lethality enables it to effectively negate the effects of weapons of mass destruction at intercept ranges well beyond the defended area (Lockheed).”