Gemini Instrumentation Program Overview

Gemini Instrumentation Program Overview

D. A. Simons, F. C. Gillett, R. J. McGonegal

Gemini Telescopes Project, 950 N. Cherry Ave., Tucson AZ 85719

Gemini Preprint # 15

Gemini instrumentation program overview Douglas A. Simons, F. C. Gillett, Richard J. McGonegal

Gemini 8 m Telescopes Project 950 North Cherry Avenue Tucson, Arizona85719


Exploiting instrument platforms like the current generation of 8-10 m class telescopes represents a new era in instrument design, construction, handling, and use. Gemini’s instruments are no exception to this revolution. For example, since at least 50% of Gemini’s observing time will be queue scheduled, Cassegrain-mounted instruments will effectively remain on-line, ready to be called into service for typically months at a time with minimal delay to match observing programs with changing conditions. Furthermore, effective instrument emissivities of <1% will be needed to take advantage of the very low emissivity of the telescopes. Here we report on the technical status of the Phase I instruments, describe attention being given to the total system performance of the telescopes and instruments, and list some of the considerations going into the Phase II instrument program.

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